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What stretches can I do to improve my back and shoulder flexibility so I can do behind the back moves easier? Ive been doing a few obvious ones, but I have found with stretches there is lots of effective one's that aren't so obvious.

I am also looking on google for information, but I figured I would run it past you guys to.

I appreciate your help.

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Hey there Robotface - Up top there is a little link to the "Search" function - before posting a new thread, it's always best to do a search for your enquiry as it's very likely you'll find the answer.

If you try a search for "Stretching", "Stretches" or "warming up" you'll get lots of results - recently (and most helpfully) is this thread below - even though there is (as yet) no actual answer, "bumping" old threads stops several repeated dead threads taking up space and cluttering further searches smile

[Old link]

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