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Posted:No, I'm not crazy...It's the new year! I swear!

Happy New Year! hug

Happy Ostara! hug

And Happy, uh...Spring Equinox! umm

hug biggrin hug

Are you suggesting coconuts migrate?

Pies Jesu Domine *whack*
Dona eis requiem *whack*

Come join us and chat - we're bored! #homeofpoi

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Posted:Damn Wiccans! tongue tongue tongue

N.B. No pagans were hurt in the posting of this. Although a few black cats were offended at my familiarity! ubbloco




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Posted:yay for ostara!!!!!!!!!!!!

If I wasn't in such a sh|tty mood I'd say more..........

In the 60's people took acid to make the world weird, now the world is weird and they take prozac to make it normal again.




(*) (*) .. for the gnor ;)
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Posted:biggrin biggrin biggrin

no wonder i woke up feeling so full of life today biggrin

never heard it called OSTARA before so looked it up and thats the interesting article i found biggrin

she who sees from up high smiles

Patrick badger king: *they better hope there's never a jihad on stupidity*


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Doc Lightning

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Posted:I've never gotten the egg trick to work, though...


-Mike )'(
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Posted:The egg wont stand up tongue

Happy Ostara everyone.

~Love is a snowmobile racing across the tundra and then suddenly it flips over, pinning you underneath. At night, the ice weasels come.


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Posted:Ostara was amazing, spun quite a bit tonight, even did my first "public" performance, even though it was with socks ubblol

Learnt so much, had such a wonderful time. And then all went down hill very quickly. ubbcrying

Let's just say my father didn't and doesn't "agree" with paganism, wicca, etc. My wonderful and beautiful day is ending in hurt and pain.

But spring will soon be here, and no more cabin fever (If I'm ever let out again)

~ Bobo

wie weit, wie weit noch?
fragst mich, wo wir gewesen sind...
du fehlst hier




thats sooooo not where i parked my car...................
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Posted:hip hip horray form OSTARA
hip hip HORRAY
hip hip HORRAY
hip hip HORRAY

happy ostara all hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug

we cant stop here its bat country!!!!!!!!!!!


But spring will soon be here, and no more cabin fever (If I'm ever let out again)
~ Bobo

hug hug hug


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Posted:hugs to you, Bobo. Many hugs to you.

Happy belated Ostara to everyone who the rest of the world, happy Spring!


Solitude sometimes speaks to you, and you should listen.


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