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Posted:I need a new career, any ideas???

I would preferr one,
-where no yelled at me, or told me I was crap,
-my patients didn't bite me, [censored] on me or piss on me or vomit on me
-people actually paid their bills (without complaining bitterly about the cost, and insinuating that you are a bastard for charging them anything)
- Where I didn't have to stay up till all hours of the night with patients, for the love of it, with no thanks or overtime.
- where I don't end up in tears at the end of the day
- being a vet sucks - any one out there considering it stay away, far far away

I need a hug ubbcrying, and I want my mum but she's 3000 km away and I don't wanna wake her up in the middle of the night and make her worry.

I don't like living below the tropic of Capricorn..... and now I seem to be in England...... how did I get here???

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Posted:chin up chum, it'll work out. Don't become a chef or waiter for a few of the same reasons. Let's all be Tonka toy durability testers ubbrollsmile



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Posted:Yey Tonka toys!
"Crash em up but you can't smash em up" tra la la

I think you should spend every last minute you have spinning and twirling and then go on the road as a world wide travelling performer entertaining the masses and feeling good for spreading smiles! smile

Let's relight this forum ubblove


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Posted:Hey, ummm, smiley, first of all hug hug hug, but second, do you mean it, really?

I've just done two and a bit years of uni... all to head in your direction. eek

I know that sometimes the people don't seem to appreciate it, and the animals are usually terrified of you, but there must be good stuff too?! And i know that you usually see cases of neglect or abuse or problems that are so far advanced that you can't do anything and that when you try, and it doesn't work, they blame you. But sometimes it must be fun? rolleyes
I've worked in vets since i was old enough, and i know that it is (usually) tough. But all i can say is that dispite you seeing people and animals at their worst, almost every minute of the day... you are still appriciated. You are doing good in the world. You sound like you are good at your job (cause unlike alot of vet's, you sound like you havn't totally desensitised yourself). You see people and animals at their worst, but also at their most vunrable. You help make them better. I love you for it, and others do to, even if sometimes you dont always feel it.
Some more hug hug hug hug
Thank you!! wave


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Posted:hug for you!

i don't have any suggestions. sorry. frown

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Posted:hug hug

I think being a global fire performer is an excellent idea. Or you could be a "consultant" that way you get paid more and don't have to deal with all the crap.

Or you could drive monster trucks
Or you could be a monster in Kaiju Big Battle
Or you could do your own show on public access tv about vampire rabbits and glow worms. Or druids and dungeon masters. Or Anna Nicole Smith and...ok I'll stop now. ubbidea

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Posted:hug hug

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Posted:sweetie - I'm really sorry to hear that you don't like vet.... hug

I'd like you to elaborate if you can, my little sister is so determined to do vet that she's about to leave for NZ to go to uni over there - it's nearly impossible to get into vet in australia!

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Posted:hug hug hug

I know exactly how you feel (okay well not exactly but very close)

I have been thinking of changing my career for a long time but due to lack of qualifications I am stuck here.

I get abused everyday by prospective students trying to get into our college system.

Everyday I go home and just feel like job is very depressing.

To try to take my mind away from it I have a very healthy and active social life and a VERY supportive family and boyfriend.

Last night I went home and made my pillow a very damp mess of tears.

I sympathise with you and wish you all the best and hope that things turn out for you.

Is there any other qualifications that you have?
Is there anything that you really enjoy doing?
Is there any chance of going back to study to get into a different career?

Love and hugs



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Posted:I don't even know what to say. If you hate it that much, you obviously can't throw your education away, so go into business or something selling veternary supplies or drugs or something, like what doctors do when they get totally fed up with their working conditions.

-Mike )'(
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Posted:Ok.... have calmed down a bit. Bit emotional last night, maybe a change of job and bosses is in order instead of career.

Mind you, all the things I have talked about happen continuously. I have only been out of uni a year now, and already many of the people I went to university with, are leaving vet behind and going onto other careers.

At least no one I know has died yet, they talked to us all about depression before we left school. I think everyone in my year has been through it at some stage.

It tends to be because we all went through the course as such a close knit group. Living and working together for 5 years. Them bang....... u graduate. U all go your separate ways, many of us finding jobs in far flung communities which are isolated and in which we know no-one. At graduation we have had a grand total of 4 weeks experience in actuall veterinary practices. Nothing can prepare u for the shock (and terror) of actually being in charge, and having people expect you to know exacty what to do in any given situation.

Vets have one the highest rates of suicide of any given profession. At uni, they told us, we were second only to people who determine the gender of chickens by looking at the birds anus, all day every day.

I guess I am just having a rough time at the moment. I know I will get through it, and hopefully find a new job where the staff I work with don't verbally abuse me !!!

A few of my freinds have actually found good jobs, they have nurses who respect them and actually do what is asked of them, clients that appreciate their efforts, and bosses who support them smile I live in hope for such a job.

I guess I have had a couple of nice clients. One in particular-

A family came to see me with their dog, he had very serious autoimmune problems which necessitated 2 blood transfusions, lots of nasty immunosuppressive drugs and whole lot of heartach.
The poor owners elected euthenasia when it became clear that nothing we could do, was giving him back the quality of life that he once had, or freeing him from the excruciating agony he was in. They wrote me a letter, thanking me for try to help him, it was the most increadible thing I had ever read. Here these people were, absolutely distraught at loosing a pet, that meant absolutely everything to them. And they were thanking me! It was the most touching thing I have ever been given and I will treasure it always.

So I guess the profession isn't all bad.

Anyways have decided to give this place 2 more months and then take a break. I think I will sell my car and use the money to finance a trip around Europe. I think it will be a short trip cos poor trusty Peter (my car), probably will not fetch a large sum.......... here's to sleeping in parks and on roofs!

Thanks for listening to my rant everyone
sorry if it a bit self absorbed.

I was considering becoming a travelling fire performer! That would be so much fun, only I am not so much co-ordinated, more clumsy........... and I figured that I may starve to death ubblol

I don't like living below the tropic of Capricorn..... and now I seem to be in England...... how did I get here???


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