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Just watching TV today, I saw an Office Max commercial with a bunch of fire spinners in it. They were kind of out of place as it was people just dancing around all happy like to a christmas song then they show a dude spinning a fire staff. They cut away for a bit and then show an overhead view of the whole dance thing and there are like 10 people with fire toys in the background. Anyone else seen this?

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I haven't seen it since they don't have Office Max in South Africa, but one of my friends in Texas wrote me an email about it in a rolleyes kind of way.


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Pele saw it last night and laughed a bit. Then was upset because she said the spinners weren't very good.
She did comment that the HoPers would like to see it. Especially the ones that ask if Poi and spinning has gone main-stream.

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can anyone get a link to a digital copy of the advert?? I'd like to see it

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They were all staffers. The one they showed behind the print was doing doubles, but he was doing the same move (chase the sun) over and over.

I told PWB that I would have been embarrassed to be in the commercial. There were alot of people crammed into that small space first of all, so they all looked cramped and couldn't do much, so it wasn't a question of them being bad, but you couldn't tell if they were skilled at all. Because of this it isn't something that would be a great addition to the resume, and when you do something so high profile, you want to be able to use it on the resume.
Next, and this is just my eye, is that for that many people to look good and clean in such a cramped space, something coordinated should have been done. Instead it looked sloppy making it look alot less than professional.
Also I would have been insulted because did you notice how they fuzzed them down by putting a slight blur over them? I understand when it was behind the writing, it would have been too distracting but when they pan out an show all of the dancers and the fire spinners did you notice the dancers weren't fuzzed up but the fire spinners were? I feel bad for those spinners as that really sucks.
And how lame was the fire breather who was told to aim right at the camera? I think the director of it had no clue what to do with these people.

In the end PWB and I agree that it is completely out of place. I garuntee if I were to walk up to the local Office Max and ask if they would sponsor my show, they wouldn't. But then again, I have thought that all the singing, dancing Office Max commercials in the past looked rather stupid. Next they are going to have people in OM uniforms flying around on trapeze in the commercial. (How weird did the spinners look in the pants and button down dress shirt of OM uniform? That looked uncomfortable and funny all at the same time). I wonder if they realize what they were getting into before they did it?

At least when the staff spinners were in the Britney Spears video they were allowed to look cool. So did the poi spinners on Baywatch Hawaii. Then again, in both of those they are about the only part that cool. ubblol

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