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Posted:Ok guys new topic coming up. Has anyone got any crazy novelty fire equipment. I have seen fire skipping ropes, what they like, anyone know?
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also anyone know where you can get other fire equipment apart from poi, staff, devil sticks, clubs/torches and balls. Anything that you can maken that works really well. Am intrested to know what else people are doing with fire. LEAVE INFO.peace outgarbo
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Posted:aerosol hair spray + match = flamethroweralso...drop a plastic lighter onto a small fire and run. mini-explosionim looking into what chemicals are flammable/explosive for a more exciting fire performance. (different color flames)?



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Posted:Spiffspiff-Not to seem too bossy, or lacking in a sense of humor, but I wouldn't suggest mentioning either of those (perhaps rather juvenile) stunts while trying to convince your parents that you should be allowed to play with fire. Both tricks are (while relatively easy to pull off, and moderately commonplace) very dangerous, and extremely hard to control. I don't say these things to insult your intelligence... Or with intent to ridicule anyone's post. Perhaps you only meant it in jest... I just felt someone needed to state the (what I hope is) obvious.<here ends Jesse's motherly comment of the day>



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Posted:Here's instructions for an oldschool fire toy from my childhood. It has no name I know of, but it's pretty incredible to see.

Ingredients: 2 wire coat hangars, fine steel wool, 5" of small diameter pipe (pvc is fine)

Straighten one coat hangar.
Slip the short pipe onto one end, then twist the end up into a ball that won't slip back out through the pipe.
Bend the wire 90 degrees just below the pipe, so you can use the pipe as a handle to swing the wire around by.
Make a little cage, about four inches on a side, out of the other coat hangar wire. Firmly attach it to the non-handle end of the first wire.
The thing should be about 2-1/2 - 3' long

Go to an open place away from combustable substances, objects and people, at night. Your new toy will throw little gobbets of burning molten steel around, so be careful. Stuff the cage loosely with steel wool. Light it on fire(yes, steel wool burns). Grab the handle and spin it around as hard and fast as you can. I use both hands for added speed and power. This will create a huge pinwheel of reddish-orange sparks flying in all directions, quite impressively. You can do this horizontally or vertically.

This is probably more dangerous than many fire toys, but it sure is cool lookin, and easy!

P.S. -- Goggles are probably a really good idea with this one.

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Posted:White gas and boric acid. will change color. there are a bunch but i can't remember

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Posted:spiffspiff, do a search for coloured flames on this board and you'll come up with pages and pages of info.

Pyrate: do a search for sparkly poi (and also black bush poi)... i think you'll like what you find

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Posted:fire skipping ropes are keen. Got to play with one once, not as deadly as they first appear. Saw a guy at the EJC who was totally egged in fire since he was skipping so fast, it was keen.




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Posted:I was testing my Off bugspray for flamability one night. Didn't want to get covered in bugspray, then find out the hard way how long it stays flamable on skin... but somewhere in that process I learned that it shoots cute little mini-fireballs when sprayed over a lighter. By the way, it's only flamable for a few seconds until it dries. There's a creek in the park where I spin, and the mosquitos are often terrible!


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Posted:A good trick we had in college was to take the flint from a diposable lighter and wrap it in the spring, heat the flint until it was glowing almost white, and then throw it at a wall near some unsuspecting lecturer, the result was a burst of sparks(and a good bollocking!)

Much fun

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Posted:That aerosol spray with a match thing sounds incredibly dangerous. I hope you were kidding. What happens if the flame would somehow "backwash" into the can of aerosol spray, and then explode in your hand? I remember how someone on here had his/her throat horribly burned when the fire went the wrong way. I'm sure the same could happen with the aerosol spray. I hope nobody else tries that as a result of you mentioning it.


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Posted:It's a pretty well known trick, I believe James Bond used it in one of his movies.

I was at a gig once where some idiot in the crowd was doing it.

I guess it usually works ok but I reckon it's a pretty stupid thing to do cos if the can goes off it's going to be like a bomb.

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Posted:I saw these 2 guys do a proformance using Flamethrower Pojo sticks.

But it just begun with the pogos. They were altered so they didn't have to use their hands, its a simple alteration involving a bar of metal under behind the knee. Every time their pogos went down their aresol cans would shoot at a wick that was burning and the flames would go up. With their hands free they juggled 5 or 7.. i forget.. flame clubs back and forth between the two of them. And their helmuts had long springs with wicks on the end of them. That was histerical.

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