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Posted:Hey guys,
I know this may be a little early but i just can't wait!!! Is anyone going to glastonbury next year?? If so i was wondering if you guys would be interested in a meet up for a spin and maybe even set up a big poi camp?? I've been going since 2000(where i discovered poi!) and am totally addicted, however up till now only a few of my mates have ever come with me so next year i want to go all out and have a mad one!!
Let me know what you all think!
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Posted:I think giraffes have silly necks.

They are too long.


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Posted:penguins walk funny....


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Posted:theres a strange noise coming from under my bed and it smells wierd...

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Posted:i think the answer you're looking for is yes, absolutely loads of us, all over the place.

but its far too early for all that so i'll get back on topic...

elephants have too much skin.
although sharpei have proportinally even more too much skin.

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