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Posted:I just finally initiated my very own fire poi that I ordered from Adam Rice a few weeks ago, and they were wonderful!!! The cathedral wicks are very generously sized, and they burned a good minute or two longer than the tube core wicks my friends were using. And the ball chain is mighty sexy. If you're looking to get your poi in the States, his site is definitely worth a peek. It's listed in the links section of HOP. Thank you, thank you, thank you Adam Rice.------------------this little light of minei'm gonna let it shine...

this little light of minei'm gonna let it shine...

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Posted:LOLWhack that on a t-shirt: 'Adam Rice rocks my world'. Having met Adam only briefly I think he'll be flattered!I got some 'extra generously sized' wicks off Adam a couple of weeks ago, and they're positively thrilling in their intensity (
) and burn length (Adam - I'll get an accurate timing soon). Core wicks suck, long live cathedral wicks!Dom

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