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Posted:I bought a set of beaming balls about two weeks ago and they have already started to disintergrate!! Since i got them i've used them on about three seperate occasions for a good length of time(about 1 hour each time) and on the odd occasion for 5 mins or so and the casings are impact stress marked quite badly and one of them has a 15mm crack running from the centre join outwards. Also the wire loop attatchments are coming a little loose and are starting to rotate freely. Having said all this they still work perfectally so no complaints there.
Before you guys all jump down my throat and say well you shouldn't smack em together so much they haven't been.....they have had maybe 6-7 hardish collisions which i don't think is more than average wear and tear. At this point i should also say that i have one of each colour balls and the yellow one is slightly scuffed but all the damage is on the orange ball. Could this be a "weaker" ball somehow......maybe due to manufacturing differences?
Anyway i just wanted to know if you guys have had similar problems with your beamers and what you think i should do about it...they do have a warranty but would this be covered as they still work?

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Posted:Yes it is covered by warranty. Ask me for a replacement. Send me your order details.

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