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Posted:Hey guys,

I've been Devil Sticking for a couple of years, not great at it but still lovin it! and recently I found the wonders of fire,
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Anyway, Does anyone know of any DVDs you can get showing Devil Stick tricks, similar to COL for poi would be good.

Also anyone in the Bristol area who uses them PM me, it'd be nice to meet people!
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Posted:Well you seem to be in a bit of a predicament, seeing as there is almost no footage of DS especially fire. Well atleast as far as i have found. Evildman has some on his site (he has a link in the fire devil stick thread), also there is a tiny bit of me in Smallboy's Party vid which you can download from here: The World Of Small.

If you need any help just ask and have a look in the DS trick section for some ideas.

Oh and if you do come across anything let us know coz i would love to see it.

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