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Posted:i tried and tried and tried!
i don't reach to turn myself in a one hand butterfly! i don't reach to nothing else than do it in front of me! i put two poi in my right hand, the right one on the top of the fist and the left one to the bottom. i try to turn myself but when i turn 180 degree poi cross!
where is the secret?


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And don't do it indoors, you'll smash lightulbs....

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Posted:To turn one handed butterflies there are a few methods. I will describe two of them.

1. Single time butterflies transfer above your head, so as you bring the poi above your head turn and continue the butterfly on the other side.

2. Split time butterflies you turn when the poi are heading towards the side you want to turn. i.e. if they are moving to the left turn to the left.

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Posted:A tip: Learn to keep your plains straight first. Look up and see how close the poi are to each others paths (regular time) or to the side (split time). Then follow Jez's advice. You may find yourself hitting yourself. Again, look UP, and it takes away half of your blindness in this move, soyou can better track the plains and learn to not cross them.

I was just outside trying to learn this and this helped me anyway... Cheers!

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Posted:ive seen someone do the one handed butterfly, but WITH their teeth ! and not only that but the would wrap one poi on their left arm, one poi on their right leg. then on the recoil wrap one poi on their right arm and one poi on their left leg. NEVER seen anything like it before !

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Posted:Theres a video, I think Messy, that shows someone doing a butterfly with their teeth. Ive also seen someone do that at a club with glowstrings. Ive even done it myself once or twice with a practice set.

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Posted:reverse one handed butterfly is much much easier