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Kanela Keli
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Posted:I would first just like to say that I have spent a good amount of my time exploring the net about Poly dance related items. The links that members on this site have provided, I can honestly say I have never come across (well the few I've seen today). So great applause to everyone for sharing their knowledge!
So now to my question. Where can I purchase Maori costumes online. I have made my Piu Piu skirt from Aloha Hula Supply's beads.
br>And also bought my first set of pois there. I really need a bodice (Pare).
Can anybody refer some other sites? "Don't get me wrong. I have great faith in the poi"...lol..bad Star Wars joke...
Any help would be great...mahalo!

Kanela Keli


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Posted:There are many sites that provide Halloween costume, girls costumes or different types of costumes, I also bought some costumes from here by giving online order and they deliver it to my home. You should visit here for more product information.



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