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Posted:am I doing it wrong, or is this normal.I am using towel wicks right now, as I am poor as a MoFo... When I spin off I get sprinkled w/ fuel. on my arms mostly, but I can even feel some on my head
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Posted:You just need to find the right position. I usually do sort of an open butterfly with the planes of the circles angled downward and out.Also--do this away from cars, as fuel plays hell with paint jobs.

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Posted:Or you could tie a plastic grocery bag over your wicks before you spin out, to avoid wasting fuel, and preserve the vegitation/auto paint-jobs etc around you...One of the coolest things I learned on this board, by the way... I think it was either Pele or Diana's idea...Jesse


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Posted:Dont have this problem with staffs. Just a few good flicks of the wrist does the job.------------------C@ntus

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