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Posted:Hello All!

Next Tuesday night there's gonna be a bit of an occasion going on at Piccadilly Circus.

It's the launch of a Global Boycott against Coca-Cola cos they've been using terror tactics against the workers in their Colombian Bottling Plants - So far 8 have been assassinated (some actually at work!) and many many more have been abused, threatened, "disapeared", displaced or exiled.

It is politiks an all but it should also be a good occasion cos they're gonna try and make it as colourful & attention grabbing as possible - that's where we come in!
There's gonna be a samba band which would provide a good rythmn for a'spinnin' & a'twirlin' and a stilt walker and all...
There's gonna be a general red/black/white theme to it all so now's the time to fish out those obscure scarlet flag poi you've never used! (no worries if you don't have any obscure scarlet flag poi tho!)

If you wanna know more about the politics, check out:

If, you couldn't care less about the politics, just come along for a spin:

6pm onwards - Tues 22nd July - Piccadilly Circus

*Do the Spitalfields massif feel up to a field trip?

Big Love to you all!

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i think tht i may just hav to show up...

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ps. if you're coming dykeboy can you bring my pink bangle please?

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