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I know there are several active threads about the crisis in NYC right now. Unfortunately, since some of them are becoming political, I am finding them increasingly hard to read. (Im glad that people are discussing it, Im just not in an emotional state to participate right now.) Heck, I won't even mind if the moderators lock this one
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I wanted to take a clean thread to say Thank You to all of those who posted and emailed their thoughts, wishes, prayers, and condolences on behalf of all of us spinners out here. I just spent the last hour sitting on the corner of Canal St. and West Broadway watching the plumes of smoke fill the sky as the sun set over New Jersey. As one of the few New Yorkers allowed anywhere near downtown (because I live downtown) I walked through the empty streets normally packed with pedestrians. The eerie silence of the streets broken only by of caravans of dump trucks rolling by, full of debris. This was the first time I had been able see it, or rather, not to see it. I can only say that the images on TV do not compare to standing on your street corner in silence and watching the smoke rise. On my walk home I saw two teenagers with signs that said Thank You on them. They were standing by the Westside Highway holding them up to the busses of rescue workers that were heading downtown. It must have been the tenth time I was choked up today. I knew there were some people I needed to thank as well.Thank you.

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am thoughts are with you.

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Like I needed to cry again NYC!My love to you.....>>going to find a tissue now<<

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Please, is contagiouse....And I don't have any tissues here. My unconditional love goes out to all. PeaceDaniel

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Just glad your ok, just glad your ok...(humbled grin)It was the least any of us could do.------------------Care of other people's approval and you become their prisoner.Live fully, Rave wholly.Fluid are the movements of my strings...

Care of other people's approval and you become their prisoner.Live fully, Rave wholly.Fluid are the movements of my strings...

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once again my warmest wishes go out to you and all that have been involved.

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Someone once said "Be excellent to eachother,and poi on dude."Oh wait that was me. Sorry.Our best wishes from Texas.

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To those of you that are near but not in downtown, there are vigils, quilts, and memorials popping up all over the city. I just ran home from Union Square to pick up some candles. If you're near enough to the city and brave enough, perhaps you'd like to see it for yourselves. Union Square, where I spent all summer spinning poi, is the southmost point that is accessable to all people. The street lamp posts and phone booths are being covered in "missing persons" flyers for the thousands that left for work Tuesday morning and have not returned. This is only the beginning of the healing. Sorry guys, I gotta be out there right now...

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Heart goes out to you! I can't even begin to imagine he scale of it all over there. Im just glad you are all well... love to you GoldenKrispy

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no words, am stunned. just came back to France from Africa and just could not wait to get to a computer to check if all of you were Ok. realized you are like friends and family to me in a way.soft and tender hugs to you allmuch loveCassandra

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