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Posted:The Fire Academy at the Industrial Arts Factory In Seattle WA

The Fire Academy offers teaching and instruction in:

Fire tool manipulation and Technique of various forms such as:
*Fire Chains *Staff *Batons *Meteor *Rope Dart *Swords *Fans *FIngers *Palms *Blowing *Eating *Body Transfer *Nun chucks *Three Sectional staff *Clubs *Sticks *Plus much more....

We also offer:

Comprehensive Fire Safety
How to build all of your own tools
Information on permitting
Character and theme development and choreography
Costume and Make-up design and construction
A safe and nuturing learning environment
General Fire Arts resources
Guest teachers in other art forms such as Belly dancing and martial arts.
A large indoor classroom available for lit practice
A large outdoor classroom for nice days
A large workshop with industrial grade sewing machines
Experienced instructors with professional performance backgrounds
We are also currently working on being able to offer our students
classes on other forms of fire art such as metal smithing.

Fire Academy classes are every Wednesday night from 7-9pm at the Industrial Arts Factory located at 3427 4th ave sS. Seattle WA. Located conveniently between Hwy 99 and I-5 and accessible by a variety of Busses.

Cost for the class is $5.00 - $15.00 an hour sliding scale and we do consider hour for hour trade.


Due to a high level of interest we are considering aaddinganother class from 9-11pm on Wednesday night so let us know if you are interested in those hours.
The Industrial Arts Factory is a 501c3 pending non profit community center for fire and fringe arts.

For more information about classes please feel free to call 206.819.5684 or e-mail classes@ignisdevoco.com

**** WE are now offering extensive two day workshops in your community!!*** Fo rmore info e-mail classes@ignisdevoco.com

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Posted:congrats & props, long live the Fire Academy!

excellent idea, excellent instructors, no doubt, excellent name, may you be an excellent org

~ Mike

molten cheers,

~ FireMike

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