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  Posted: apparently bender tells me someone on this board is from austin?
and there's a little twirling scene in austin?

although i'm not currently in austin, i'll be there in about 4 months, (which is too soon, dammit!)
but, anyway...
you have weekly gatherings?

I've gone to a couple shows at cafe mundi, put on by... (can't remember name of crew... tantrasomethingorother?)

so.. yeah... weeklies?


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  Posted:Hi Drea,
while I am not from austin at all, I just jumped in to say that
a) it's your lucky day !!!! the Austin scene is rich in fact, there is even some "legendary" spinners out there (like Sage , Baru, Adam Rice, etc...)
b) If you go to the "meet otehrs" section you'll do a search on austin spinners and will find tons of them. I am sure if you email them you'll get all the info you want
c) don't forget the Houston scene (you could get in touch with Vanize for example, but there are many otehrs) and check out the Flipside festival end of May (Ask Vanize) cause it is supposed to be amazing

Again, no worries, you're surely gonna have the time of your life

shine on

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  Posted:Austin is definitely a pretty neat scene, at least as far as Fire Spinning goes. The land and the people that really consider themselves texans leave a little something to be desired...

<ducks to avoid shotgun blasts>

But it's definitely a great place to learn to spin. There are a few of us that gather weekly on Tuesdays at Cafe Mundi to spin, and some of those people (and a few extras) come spin weekly at various clubs and events. Rather exciting in general. Gives me something to look forward to each day, never mind each week. If you look for it... it will be there... and you will find it. Anywhere you go.


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