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Hey, i just thought of a new move. its a variation of the butterfly. its kinda weird because its not a btb or just a regular butterfly. its more like a combination of the two. this is how i start. first i start out w/ a regular butterfly. then i switch it to btb. then i cross both arms in the back so the left hand is now on the right side and the right at left. but you cant put the hands together because your whole arm is wraped around your back side. i really havent mastered it but i'm almost there. so i'm wondering, what do you guys think of this move?

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not bad, not bad, but mabey try do that but then stall your Poi in front of you and then flick them back around, think it would look wicked with Fire Poi

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sounds like BTB side plane variations, though doesnt sound like a butterfly if you have an arm on each side of you, just that the Poi are going in opposite directions with your arms crossed over each other BTB.

any more you have come up with? though any "new move" would have to be stupidly technical for it to be "new", though new to some you and others.

be kewl....


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