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my friend show me this move the other day and it look really nice it took me a few days to get it. but i will try to explain as best as i can.

to do it u need to know butterfly weave and thread the needle weave.

right u know when u are doing butterfly weave and u go from folwards to backwards to folwards again the poi kinda to as if they are bouncing of each other. it is like douing that but thread the needle as u do it.

start of in folwards thread the needle and do it on the right side of your body when u move your left hand down your arm do in the buterfly weave but instead of having your hands together u keep them in the threading the needle. don't move you hands again until u get to ur right side of your body and in folward thread the needle and then u go back again. by the way u do have to miss out atualy doing thread the needle in back so u keep the kinda bouncing of effect.

it may take a while to learn but don't give up because it is a really nice looking move and well woth learning.


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Ohh with this one.


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I've seen that it does look nice

I couldn't be bothered trying it yet though

caught between school work and twirling, hey that gives me an idea twirl at school!!!

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Heck... i can't even do the butterfly weave yet, so me trying this is way out of my league

I think it's time to get of my arse and lern some new tricks....

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watching the world go by!!!!

Trick ferret on the making hehe!!!!
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i dont get it?? comon people....

TTN= butterfly family
Butterfly= poi go in oppostite direction.
so thus equaling TTN a variation there of a butterfly

weave= chasing poi! or following pattern.
butterfly= non chasing poi!
thus creating a non existant butterfly weave and or TTN weave, because butterflies dont chase
so why is it so called in the weave family?

so what do we have?


an alternating butterfly/TTN in side plane. moving a butterfly from one side of your body to the other [TTN is just extra no point beats unless its all in split time then ur hardcore ]

^^bam you knock around with glass so surly you will undestand that!

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that only holds if you define your move families by direction of poi...
you can just as easily define them by hand movements.
in which case bf weave and follow time weave are equivalent.

no-one ever listens when i try and explain this though so i'll shut up now.

the way i see it: bf weave is a split-time bf move where the bf is transferred from one side to the other by the left hand leading to the rhs and the right hand leading to the lhs.
hands will be moving identical to that of a fwd OR rev weave, giving you 4 variations of a 3bt bf weave.
same time bf weave looks a bit crap imho.

i still have no idea what the first post here says though...

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I used to see it Pk's way.. but then I realized that if you do a TTN and you bring it from left side to right side then you are making a weave and rev weave motion... athe the same time... now the reason I say its weaving is because if I turn and do a TTN in each side plane then yes it would be just transfering the TTN, BUT I'm not.. my torso stays forward and my hands wrap as if I was doing a weave.. which for me, there is a difference in holding the handles from a weave pattern and just a side to side.. I use my legs to define my planes (forward, side, and back) while my arms dictate which style I am using depnding ont how the patterns run..) because basically EVERY move is a weave.. unless you sit and do the butterfly over and over lol... but as soon as you move the butterfly to BHB or BHH then you have to make a weave motion... at least that's how I've taught people... because I have seen any transition that doesn't involve a weave including air wraps.. so to say that their is a weave family I think is the erroneous thing.. not the butterfly weaving..

More useless information courtesy of Rev...
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Location: sheffiled england

just to mention to do this move you are not doing the weeve (chase) at all. it is all done in buterfly what i ment by butefly weeve is switching from folwards buterfly to backward

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