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Getting pretty much obsessed with this whole "POI" thing and so I think about it in bed and well you know.. so I had this vision this morning of spinning fire with aerials like if you were to do the weave sorta over your head and then kick your legs over and maybe land doing a reverse butterfly. I don't know. Does anyone do aerials with their poi? Let me know.
Thanks heaps!!

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there are only two i can teach yas:
fwd/bkwd plane areils (gymnastics)
side aerials (au sem mao)
which ya wanna learn? (gymnastics one is safer but takes ages to train+learn)
you *MUST* stretch for ages! it's all about timing and agility, it is impossible without both!

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yummi you chose to learn one. and
I'll ask mr offender to show us the other one.

OK bender Shoot:
I be ready and stretched.


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still can't believe it's not butter
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aw cripes! where to begin!
any hoo, this is the way that it was taught to me, condensed into point form:
this is an overview - you still have to get proper supervision to be taught these trix safely. you run the risk of faceplanting akwardly - learning to land properly in gymnastics guards against this. I prefer to teach over grass or gym mats. keyboards hurt.
An Aerial is a flip with no hands touching the ground. (tucking the body would be a somersault/backsault)You must concentrate on the power needed to propel ya body. In practicing this possibly dangerous move, you must focus your body's force to the two points that will power this move:
-the forcful thrusting of you leg up and in the direction of travel as your body turns momentarily horizontal.
-the whipping of both arms (+firetoy) in the direction to torque for increased inertia.
It is impossible without a developed, agile body, as it requires great instantanous strengh from akward angles.It can be fwd/bkwd, or side-on.
-fwd/bwd is a foundation gymnastics move, and is best taught in a padded gymnasium. It is equivalent to the weave in poi, as it is the foundation for alot of other variants of gymanastics tricks (flash kicks, layouts, x-layouts, twists...) you perform a short hop to lift your momentum and simultaneously leap up and swoop your torso and arms down to perform it. It is dangerous to learn unsupervised, and all gymnasiums require indeminity forms. hint hint. I have never done this backwards, or without a run up
-side on can be learnt as a capoeira move - the 'au sem mao' (but it's called a 'double leg' if you use both legs) from a low position, both arms whip powerfully up like a the hands of a clock toward the direction of torque, with your lead leg following them. As the torso follows this motion and is horizontal, this is the moment your slightly coiled rear leg forcefully thrusts up and in the direction of torque. remaining fixed, your arms should develop enough toque to carry you through. your lead leg should now stretch toward your shoulder/the ground. land with a lightly bent knee and tense your bum real hard or the shock of landing will just translate straight into your hip joint, which always hurts like a bastard. I am at the stage where I can perform this in both directions without a run up.The steps in learning are: slow assisted, fast assisted, unassisted with a run up, unassisted without a run up.the first two steps involve a spotter who knows this move and your body to guide your body as it travels. before you can perform it hands free, you must learn to perform the equivalent 'handspring' versions for the gymnastic one and 'au' (cartwheel) for the 'au sem mao' version.
when you are fluent in these simpler versions, you can then learn to handspring or 'au' with bent elbows on a low padded obstacle like a hay bale. Learn to accurately do this first, before speeding up. When you speed up, try to get more air. As you get more air, you will stop touching the obstacle, and can perform aerials unassisted! If you do this without stretches, you will have to drive from from Easter Confest with a twisted knee.
I hope this gives ya inspiration to puch the boundary! arcobatix sets your twirling routine apart in a spectacularly unique way, plus I dun wanna sound like a deviant but your partner will definitely be grateful for the agility/strength. Remember, confidence is the key to eliminiating the hesitation that makes this move impossible, and patient training unlocks this confidece! and if you ever feel like giving up, realise that if it was too easy, everyone would be doin it!
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I have been working on a butterfly kick with poi.
it's like a horizontal arial where the poi pass underneath you as your legs do a scissor kick.
check this link for gif's on tons of skillsweb page for martial art kicks

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Would be great if someone record a video to show this aerial things so i could try
Or dunno adding them to homeofpoi moves?

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Here's another good site that has the actual directions/tips/definitions to hundreds of gymnastics and martial arts moves.

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has some nice videos.

However, that's for a lot of stuff like 540 kicks, 720 kicks (all the way up to triple), butterfly kicks, aerials, double-legs, stuff like that. There's nobody who uses poi or staff while doing those though. If I can get it cleared, I might be able to get a video of my friend doing a butterfly kick over chainwhip and kip up over it too. I'll try if you guys want.

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