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Hey Guys, This is Ramon. Had a coo coo time at Headstrong last night. Kicked it witht he glow-poi spinners. Just wanted to see who else from the rave comes to the site...i know of at least one.(i was the mexican in black with long braids)

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Whats up Ramon, It's Eric,BTB weaves and stuff. I kept letting you use my strings. hopefully, those two other guys come on, if they remember. Headstrong was pretty sick, and you flow great with your moves. That'de be sick if our pictures made it on rave shots, I don't think any of me spinning are there but hopefully just me and my ex. Stay up bro, hope to spin with you again.Eric------------------If a nuclear bomb went off, we'de all be giant glowstix, think about it, spinning with your two best friends would have a whole new meaning.

Its about talent, not make up or costumes.

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