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Posted:Was it you?
I just saw a guy spinning 2 staff on tv, it was an advert for when David Blaine comes out of his box (madness) and there was a flash of a guy double staffing (I know it has a better name than that) so who was entertaining the crowds? It wasn't David!

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Posted:nope wasn't me, im a girl and dont staff..sorry happy hunting

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Captain Hazzard

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Posted:k, lets do this by a process of elimination.
it wasn't me either. that leaves 5997ish folk left to go!

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Posted:not it!

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Posted:quote:Originally posted by GottaLoveIt:
...double staffing (I know it has a better name than that) yes ... a better name would be 'sheer beauty'

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Posted:it wasn't me, that's 5995 to go if Captain Hazzard's estimation is correct

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Posted:I'm pretty sure it was none of the guys I know here in south africa, so that brings it down to like 5989 I think (always glad to do my part!)

Isn't "double staffing" what retail stores do for the christmas season?


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Hell I wish it was me - I can not ven use a single staff never mind a double staff!


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