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  Posted: Just wondering at what level you become an expert at Poi, because how do you classify difficulty? if you do it professionally are you an expert?

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  Posted:Good question, there are more aspects than just the moves that come in to play, there is the style aspect of Poi as well, everybody has there own style i have seen ppl that look ****in amazing when they do Poi then i have seen ppl who can do all the same shit but has no style and it doesn't look as good.

Or you could say some one who is an expert at Poi is somebody who can do anything you show them first or second time they try.

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  Posted:How's about not putting labels on ourselves ehh

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  Posted:surely experienced means that you've had a lot of experience at doing it, ie been doing it for a while, have done lots of areas of it and had lots of practice. It's also all relative, someone whose been doing it regularly for 5 years is more experienced than someone whose been doing it for 1 year.

I don't agree that being a proffessional makes you either good or experienced. Anyone who can do the 3 beat weave fast and a few butterfly variations can get insurance and talk an event manager into giving them a job, just because they are paid it doesn't mean they are experienced.


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  Posted:I agree with bammers, untill the dreadfull day when we have competitions, classification systems and our own olympic section there can be no real 'experts', Im shure there are peaple who know vast sections of Poi, but i dont want it to turn into baton spinning, the medium is just to large for that kind of restrictive classification.

I guess your an expert if you feel like one, but be honest, do you feel like one? I dont.


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  Posted:if you do it professionally you are a professional. not an expert.

i'm with bams andthom on thisone. unless(and i hope this never comes) there is some kind of ranking system then there areno experts except the people you look up to and admire for their abilities and attitudes.


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  Posted:quote:Originally posted by [Nx?]:
...untill the dreadfull day when we have competitions...

what, you mean like a video where you send in clips of you spinning, then everyone votes for a winner...?

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  Posted:it could be like in horseriding; if you fall off 10 times then ur an experienced rider.....however the ettiquet it that u lose count at 9.......

maybe it could be how many times u smack urself in the face???

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  Posted:There's a local girl who technically isn't too hot and has a relatively small amounts of moves she performs, but man, when she does perform she can stop traffic. That sort of showmanship is a form of expertise in my book.

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