How to use the lesson pages


This library has been created by members of the HOP forums as a way of giving back to the community. Anyone can become a member and add to the Library after they have used the forums.

Credit for helping

As a way of saying thanks for good additions to the library we also provide credits to your shop account for purchasing product, however if you want to do it for the love of it, we appreciate that too.

Payment structure as of 8th September 2016

Credit NZ$Type of Video Lesson
  • Videos less than 10 sec or
  • A lesson that has already been covered and is not an improvement on the previous video or
  • A simple variation of a lesson that has already been covered ie done in reverse or leading with another hand/foot/end, clockwise, anti-clockwise, left handed, right handed or
  • A compilation of moves that already have been covered and without hints and tips on transitions.
$2.00Videos longer than 10s showing only the move repeated once without additional hints and tips.
$3.00Videos showing only the move videoed from different angles with less than 30s of additional footage on hints and tips.
$10.00Videos showing the move with 30 to 60s of additional footage on hints and tips.
$20.00Videos showing the move with variations and with 60 to 120s of additional footage on hints and tips.
$26.00Videos showing the move with variations and with 120s plus of additional footage on hints and tips.
+$2.00Bonus: For using HoP gear in the video and making note of it.
+$2.00Bonus: For saying "Home of Poi" in the video.
?If you are working on a larger educational project we can negotiate a suitable price once we have viewed the finished product.
Payment is by way of shop credit which is stored in NZ dollars. We can payout via paypal on request with fees paid by the recipients.

Need help uploading?

Our admin staff are happy to answer any questions.

What is on each page?

In the middle of the page is the basic description of the lesson. Below that will be a list of any related discussion threads in the forums.

On the right hand side are any extra media files (videos, pictures etc..) that can be downloaded or played on your computer.
Near the bottom of the page is a comments section which members can use to thank the person who created the lesson, add to the information or to ask a question.

Clicking on the media name will begin the viewing process.

NOTE: All media is strictly for personal use only. You may not sub-license, rent, assign, sell or otherwise deal in the rights of the media without written authorisation from the people who have uploaded them.

What type of files can be uploaded?

This can only be done by those with lesson privileges to supply or help with lessons.

The following file types can be uploaded: .avi,.wmv,.mpeg,.mpg,.png,.mov,.swf,.gif,.jpg,.txt,.pdf,.flv,.m4v,.mp4,.md70,.doc,.xls,.dwg,.dxf,.lcam,.tap

Maximum file size is 100Mb / lesson. If it is larger and worthy it can be uploaded if approved by the Site administrator.

How can I upload my own lessons for others to see?

This can only be done by members with lesson privileges to supply or help with lessons.

If you are a new registered member and wish to contribute then please contact the Site administrator with what you can help with.

You can then create new pages,edit them, join lessons to the discussion board threads and upload various media to help explain your and others' lessons.

You must own copyright of the media before you can upload. All uploads must follow the site rules.

If a new folder (eg. juggling,contact,fans etc..) and/or booklet/s are required then contact the Site administrator to do this for you.

How else can I help this free project?

Apart from uploading lessons we also require, from time to time, some help in keeping the structure of the lessons easy to follow.

If you wish to help in that area then please contact the Site administrator.

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