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Avec plus d'un million de messages, vous trouverez encore beaucoup d'informations intéressantes dans les forums, y compris une discussion approfondie sur de nombreux sujets de sécurité importants qui sont toujours très pertinents aujourd'hui. Vraiment une mine d'astuces et de conseils.
Posted: by JADE KNIGHTS Fitness & Balance
Replies: 2
"Hello, my name is Jade i am close to chichester so lets collaborate @fireknights_circus"
Last topic reply by JADE KNIGHTS Fitness & Balance
Posted: by misslfoxy
Replies: 2
"Still looking for Chochester UK spinners?! I'm trying to find a team of peeps!And thanks for getting me to lose the game. Now you sir, have lost the game!"
Last topic reply by JADE KNIGHTS Fitness & Balance
Posted: by simta
Replies: 0
"Hey all, long time no see!Thought I'd post to let all the UK spinners know about this festival. I've been a couple of times and it's a great time, the most 420-friendly festival in the ..."

Posted: by sydonia
Replies: 0
"So stoked to announce all the instructors for Florida Flow Fest 2023 - Ft Lauderdale... workshop passes on sale now for $45!>Sc..."

Posted: by MikeGinny
Replies: 37
"Oh, sod off. (Yes, it's really me.)"
Last topic reply by MikeGinny
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Its Got To Be HOT! - Photo Competition.
Photo Competition
Statut: Finished: 12 December 2023. We have 5 entries.
À propos de: Its Got to Be HOT, our latest Photo Competition has now started.
Share with us photos of any Fire Props being used.
For example Fire Poi, Fire Hooping, Fire Fans, Fire Staffs etc
Please read the rules of the competition to see what is not allowed.
(Sorry No fire breathing photos allowed)
You can submit your photo (maximum of 1) by the submission end date. Then you and everyone else can vote for your favorite entries, and from those we'll pick three winners!
Limited to the first 300 photos.

The top 3 photos selected by public vote each get a USD$50 gift voucher to spend at Home of Poi.
The top 3 photos selected by HoP each get a USD$50 gift voucher to spend at Home of Poi.
View results: View entries and results here  

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