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These fire fan lessons were written in mind with the fire fan design produced by HomeofPoi, and the assumption that the reader is new to fire twirling, let alone fans. While the following lessons are easily translatable to other fan designs produced worldwide, some will not translate so well.

For example, not all fire fan designs produced feature a spinning hole. For this reason, The ‘spins’ section may not apply if the fan you are using does not feature a spinning hole or another accessible method of spinning the fan.

Nevertheless, fire fans are an uncommon but effective tool in the breadth of fire toys available. They rely more on the wielder’s ability to move their body.

This introduction contains a brief video of a combination of hand movements, footwork, stances and framing, some of which you will find documented in this tutorial in future.


31/08/07 - Introduction section is up. Beginner moves section to follow with footage.

01/09/07 - Beginners section up. Finger spins section up. Both sections will continue to grow as more footage is captured.
Still to come: Footwork section, Framing section, and much more!

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Comments/replies: 4
Member #76938
Reged: Jul 2008
28th Jul 2008 10:30 PM 

That is the coolest thing EVER!

Member #85780
Reged: Jan 2009
5th Jan 2009 8:02 AM 

woot woot

just ordered my fans last night

now just waiting for them in the mail to get started grin

Member #140862
Reged: Oct 2011
27th Nov 2011 1:20 AM 

i just got my very first fans some days ago, sewed the kevlar onto them and already love them ^-^

now i'm really looking forward to see more of those tutorials! until now i've just been playing around, exploring how i can hold and move them without worrying about specific moves wink

Member #142402
Reged: Nov 2011
15th Mar 2012 5:08 PM 

That video was amazing. I am going to get a pair...can't wait to play with them!

Comments/replies: 4

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