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It's been a while since I've shown up to a meet, and have no idea what the Sunday Spinning scene is like, but as Bender suggested there is usually a meet-up at Victoria gardens near the...

Oh wow, I have poi photos in the Swiss Alps... too late xD

You just lost, Doc.

Lessons uploaded

Library > Fire Fans > Throws > Vertical Spin Throws

Library > Fire Fans > Finger Spins > Horizontal spins

Horizontal spin  Uploaded 2 Sep, 2007
Library > Fire Fans > Finger Spins > Vertical Spins

Vertical Spin  Uploaded 1 Sep, 2007
Library > Fire Fans > Introduction > Holding your Fans

Method 2  Uploaded 1 Sep, 2007
Method 1  Uploaded 1 Sep, 2007
Library > Fire Fans > Beginner Arm Moves > Weave

Two beat weave/Chase  Uploaded 1 Sep, 2007
Library > Fire Fans > Beginner Arm Moves > Rolling Waves

Rolling Waves  Uploaded 1 Sep, 2007
Library > Fire Fans > Beginner Arm Moves > Fan clap and variations

Fan clap  Uploaded 1 Sep, 2007
Library > Fire Fans > Introduction > Foreword

Fire Fans video  Uploaded 31 Aug, 2007


Large Fire Fans 2inch Wicks  
     25th November, 2006
A credit to HomeofPoi
"These arrived just under a week from ordering - an excellent turnaround time from NZ to Australia. Fan is of solid construction and the large fire fans will be quite heavy for most users the first time they are wielded but after two weeks I've begun to acclimatize quite well to them. Spinning hoop is large enough for most fingers - most hand sizes will be able to do spinning moves such as buzzsaws with ease. Upon using these for the first time in public I got many where did you get those from? remarks :) Overall a highly recommended fire toy for those wishing to pursue a slower and more graceful fire art."
, Australia.   [Verified Buyer]
PLATINUM Member since Jun 2004

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