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BRONZE Member since Apr 2012
Registered on: 12th Apr 2012


South Africa


Hoop, Whip


want to see your future ?
fire trails
sunset staff session
balls everywhere
Double Staff spin off :
Contact Juggling Wizard
Magical ball juggling
Red Hot Juggling
flowers on top of the university of johannesburg
Contact juggling
A enormous yheehaa
contact juggling ninja
Hoop Club Madnes
Fire and Lace
The girl in the red dress
contact juggling ninja 2
Mini double staff bomb
Flower caps
seducing the sunset
Double staff

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Prized treasure dont touch!
Spunyette plays games with the flames!
Flower power
Leighanne Fire Hoop
Rain on our parade
Dragon staff
blue mountains of Bavaria
[M]ikien & San[d]ina - Fire Union
Mask POI Rider
Contact Fireball
La llama que llama
My favourite toy!
The Incendian Pixie
Spinning Energy
Fire in the Mountains: Telluride
DIY Palm Torches
Acro juggling
round n round
Fire in the sky
3D Sphere
My World
Spread your wings!
Night hooping
Hoopy birthday Merica

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