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  • All Purchases made this month instantly go into the draw to win a USD $ 100.00 credit to your HoP account.
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Membership Levels

You can increase your membership level by purchasing from HoP multiple times or by using our referral program below.

BRONZE Member since Jan 2016
You just started ordering from HoP, with added discounts on all future orders purchased.

SILVER Member since Jan 2016
Multiple orders made, with bigger discounts on all future orders purchased.

GOLD Member since Jan 2016
You are a very valued customer with maximum discounts on all future orders

PLATINUM Member since Jan 2016
OMG we love you soooo much

DIAMOND Member since Jan 2016
You are the best

SAPPHIRE Member since Jan 2016
You are the best x 2

UNOBTAINIUM Member since Jan 2016
What/Who are you?

How can I earn referral dollars?

Once you have an account you can have the ability to earn referral dollars. You will be credited 5% or up to 20% (using special option selected within your account) of the value of your friends orders to your account when they use your promotional code. Your unique referral/promotional code and your friends' benefits can be seen by logging into your account.

How do you earn a discount that you can share?

As your total spend with us increases we increase your additional discount. Your discount is applied to all goods purchased from us. Your discount will still apply to goods already discounted.

Referral Codes

Click on your referral codes tab in your account and create a referral code to give out to people. Each referral code has a 'shared discount' value and a 'commission' value.

You will only earn a commission on the goods total payable excluding the shipping costs and any tax if payable.

You can give friends your personal discount that you have with us, and you will earn 5% commission when they complete their order.

If they already have a discount then only the greater discount will be applied.

If they are a new customer for us you will get your full commission. If they are already a customer of ours then you will only get a 5% commission

How are Multiple referrers handled?

Customer gets the greater of the discounts offered from their own account or referrers. However only one referrer gets paid.

Search engine advertising programs (e.g.Google Adwords, Bing/Microsoft/Yahoo Adverts...) are a referrer and because they get paid immediately even if the purchase does not complete, they always take precedence as being the actual referrer.

How do I give out my referral code?

  • You can tell them the referral code and then they can enter it during the checkout process
  • To make things easier we can fill in the code for them using a '60 day cookie' by referring your friends to our site by adding '?friend=yourcode' to the end of our www.homeofpoi.com addresses. This will work as long as they have cookies enabled within their browser and purchase within 60 days of clicking your link.
  • eg. 'https://www.homeofpoi.com/shop_new/listItems/New-items?friend=yourcode' where 'yourcode' is replaced by your own unique referral code.
  • HTML:
    <p>I purchase all my gear from <a href="https://www.homeofpoi.com/en/?friend=yourcode" target="_blank">Home of Poi</a>. Feel free to use my referral code:yourcode to get some great deals or just click on my referral link https://www.homeofpoi.com/shop/?friend=yourcode</p>
  • Do not promote or advertise your referral code or referral link on the 'Home of Poi' website, however please feel free to place the link anywhere else.

Always test your referral code. Test by logging yourself out and then clicking on the link you made. If it works you will get a message at the top of the site saying it has been accepted.

How to access your money.

Your referral dollars are stored in New Zealand dollars and if required are converted using xe.com into your currency. So your saved amount is subject to currency fluctuations.

Any amount will be credited to your next order automatically. Referral dollars expire after 12 months.

If you have over NZD $100 and you have a paypal account we can pay out the credit. Contact site administrator if you wish to be paid out.

Note:We can not pay out competition winnings as that is a credit for goods only.