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9 May: COVID-19 has devastated the global delivery network. Even overnight delivery can now take a month to complete. Insurance companies are refusing to pay out for lost parcels as they say they are delayed from COVID-19 rather than actually lost. And many orders are being delivered even after 12 weeks. Unfortunately, this is completely out of our control. They are currently unable to give us any idea of a delivery time at this point. It is however a high priority for all countries to get this resolved.

Goods currently for sale on the website are only delayed by a few days.

Make someone's day with a Home of Poi Gift Voucher!

Vouchers make the perfect gift when you are not sure what great product to get, especially at the last minute! Vouchers are also ideal when you are not sure of someone’s size or preferred color choice.

The Home of Poi Voucher features:

  • Flexibility - You decide the dollar value of the gift.
  • Fast/Specific – You can send the voucher to the recipient immediately or decide the date when they receive it – for example, their birthday.
  • Customize - Add a personal message as the finishing touch.
  • Assurance - Easy one click tracking to check if it has been redeemed.
  • Simple - One click for receiver to access their voucher.
  • Easy - You don't need a Home of Poi account to receive or send the voucher.
  • Friendly payment options - PayPal allows payment by credit card, debit card, bank account and money order.
  • Multipurpose - Can be used for both goods and shipping costs.

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Note: As we are a New Zealand company we can only make out vouchers in New Zealand dollars. We have converted your requested value into an equivalent New Zealand dollar value.

Gift Voucher

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Voucher is valid for 12 months from payment date.

In placing this order, I confirm the receiver's name, our email addresses, and total value of voucher is correct.
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*Voucher is valid for 12 months from payment date.
**We use PayPal as our payment gateway for processing our vouchers.