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BRONZE Member since Apr 2012
Registered on: 12th Apr 2012
Last active: 24th Jul 2020


South Africa


Hoop, Whip

Photo Competition Entries

want to see your future ?
fire trails
sunset staff session
balls everywhere
Double Staff spin off :
Contact Juggling Wizard
Magical ball juggling
Red Hot Juggling
Contact juggling
flowers on top of the university of johannesburg
A enormous yheehaa
contact juggling ninja
Fire and Lace
Hoop Club Madnes
contact juggling ninja 2
The girl in the red dress
Mini double staff bomb
Flower caps
seducing the sunset
Double staff

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Contact Juggling Wizard
Earth mode: ON!
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Light diablolo
Gak tau namanya apa
Pyro In Paris
Lost in Sepia
Chickens got no Hands.
Forest Fairy
Lilly pads
Festival of Lights 2018
Staff circle
crochet hoop
Gag me...
In the moment
Forest Flare
Bunni trails
Peace Memorial, Hiroshima, Japan
pew pew fireballs!
Light at the end of the tunnel

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