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3rd element

3rd element The element fire, called “tejas” in Sanskrit, is the third of the five great elements. It comes third because it evolves from ether and air, containing the essence of these elements within it. Ether provides fire the space to exist within, while air provides fire the capacity to burn. It is because of air that fire will never be still.
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3rd element

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1. caught entered by Chelsea Lugosi
2. Furious Ruby entered by Adriana Vegas
3. With Diabolo entered by Eisuke_Saito

No. 1
A Fiery Christmas
No. 2
Your biggest fan
No. 3
No. 4
Ugly Duckling
No. 5
Iso Taupe
No. 6
No. 7
Flying with fans
No. 8
Firefans Friends
No. 9
Heating up in Arizona
No. 10
Light My Fire
No. 11
No. 12
Sisters of the fire
No. 13
Fan belly dance performance
No. 14
With Diabolo
No. 15
No. 16
No. 17
Phoenix rising
No. 18
In the fire zone
No. 19
Lotus Fans
No. 20
No. 21
Flow 🔥💗...
No. 22
No. 23
Bow to the fire power
No. 24
3rd element
No. 25
Fire fans and horses
No. 26
Fire and Water
No. 27
Fans of the fans
No. 28
Flying Free
No. 29
Furious Ruby

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