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FAX = Flow Against Xenophobia

Messin around with learning contact style with flower stick, which I have made myself. Picture from Freekuency Festival 2018, which is held annually in Fronteíra, Portugal. The best festival Ive ever been so far *love*
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FAX = Flow Against Xenophobia

As picked by HoP
1. Sunrise magic entered by liviakaestele
2. Halo entered by Steven Mullins
3. Stars entered by firebolly333

No. 1
infinite ledance
No. 2
street fire
No. 3
Cream ball party
No. 4
Enter my dragon staff
No. 5
Elements Copenhagen
No. 6
No. 7
FAX = Flow Against Xenophobia
No. 8
No. 9
Flying in the flow state
No. 10
satire in a psychedelic forrest
No. 11
Camille poi
No. 12
Cosmic Windmill
No. 13
Sunrise magic
No. 14
Fun with fire foam
No. 15
spirit of fire
No. 16
Infinity rings
No. 17
Fire flare
No. 18
led poi spinning
No. 19
No. 20
Happy halos at how weird
No. 21
Play Festival 2017, UK
No. 22
GEISHAs hidden sorrow
No. 23
Flow man
No. 24
No. 25
Fluid Flags
No. 26
Ken the Lighthero
No. 27
No. 28
Meteor hammer, Freeze Frame
No. 29
Best fest in maine

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