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Hooping through the Wormhole

This photo was taken on a day when I truly required the flow to reset the balance and harmony in my mind, body, and soul. I skipped work and ran away to the salty ocean side, the ocean that is endless flow. I gave myself fully to the power of flow and it transformed me to a higher state of mind, a higher dimension. My hoop became a wormhole and I was transported through the flow to a higher vibration. The brilliant sunset colors in this photo are representative of that higher place, where the darkness is out- shined by the brilliance of the everlasting, never resting flow.
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Hooping through the Wormhole

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1. triplengs entered by Klaus_Mayr
2. sunrise after yesterday entered by csongortorok
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seducing the sunset
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As the Light Fades
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Kid of fire and sea
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Phoenix Sunrise
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Alaskan Sunset
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Fire fans
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Hooping in Africa
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Sunset at the lake
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The Flame
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Hooping through the Wormhole
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Beach wire wool
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Sunset Island Burner
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Fire above and below
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sunrise after yesterday
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The Wheel
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Firey skies
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poi and mountain
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Spinning with Angels! Location for Game of Thrones, filming.
No. 27
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M8iN & the Sun-staves
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Sunset Spinning
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Buugeng on the Pier
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The Peak
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Me and my girlfriend..
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Independence Day

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