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BRONZE Member since Aug 2014
Registered on: 21st Aug 2014
Last active: 6th Dec 2019


Fan Dancing, Poi, Hoop, Staff

Photo Competition Entries

Shooting 🌟 star
Zero zero
Fire shield
Party harder fiber
Poi noir
Stand by me
Ball alignment
Fan tastic
Dungeon and Dragon
Last memory
Center of attraction
You got a smile
Hoops sexy back
Rainbow bright
On bended knees
Holloween gang
Flowers of all colors
Cream ball party
its a mask
Fire poi duo
With that smile
Light that stick
Hoop genie
Catching Golden light for my shadow
Initial moment
Top of my head
Sexy poi sunset
Red hot valentine
Circular wisps of light
Silver wing
First staff
Juggle balls
Spiral power
Reflection and bend
The cold never bother me
Power make up
Yin yang
Love me love me
Poi to remember
Happy fairy

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