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Purchase 3 1/8 inch Wrapsta Poi Color  
14th June, 2014
Good show HomeofPoi
"This is my Third set of poi from homeofpoi in 3 years; both sets before hand are LED poi and work after 1 and 2 years respectively. This set firstly came in record time ordered monday dispatched monday arrived friday to the UK south coast; utterly shocked and didnt expect till next thurs-fri. The quality is great the swivels work perfectly and no need to WD40 them (i didnt need to until last week on my first LED set). The weight is great and im really liking the thick cord has a very very slight elasticity to it which i like! amazing service from start to end and 5/5 stars. Definitely will be recommending"
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Service & support  
10th June, 2014
Another late but great review!
"I brought my flowlights in June 2013; 2x Single Flowlight with 11 Modes (spirit and nebula) with a case and flowmass for each using my own cole cords which as said in another review are solid and still strong after 2 years of abuse. I didn't use these poi for almost this whole year but its no fault of the poi in comparison to my regular set the weight distribution was off so i passed them over without a thought. For the past month or two they have gotten as much use as my favourite set. They shine very bright and shine far and wide at night the modes are fantastic the durability isn't to be laughed at these aren't a practise set by any means but from experience can take some punishment. Well worth the money!"
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