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12:30 am, by a fountain with streetlights (I could see my shadows). Had my headphones in. Saturday night. I live in a fairly rural area so only a few groups of people coming home- not c...

Who gets stoPped while they're spinning? What do you say/do. What do they say/do. Hope it's not just me a black man targeted for spinning sockpoi at night.

What style? Trialsn street? Flatland (sort of like flatland bmx? FrEestyle (like ice dancing but on a uni) muni (mountain unicycling) unihockey? Racing? Commuting Or combination/circus ...


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      28th January, 2011
"Super quick service no problems whatsoever. Ordered at the busy christmas period with the courier option and it arrived much quicker than I had hoped. Using the regular service however on a subsequent purchase was not a problem either and though I couldn't track it the order arrived very swiftly also. All my dealings with people affiliated with the HOP have been uplifting and being that the company is based on such a wonderful community spirit and ethos it feels great to come to HOME. I plan to continue with HOPing because with their excellent service and some dedication my dreams are coming to fruition and it is a sweet experience indeed!"
Aorja Harris, United Kingdom.   [Verified Buyer]
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