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Posted:OK, I am trying to learn wibbles because I think they look totally awesome, but I can only find a few videos on then and after watching all of them a million times I am still crazy confused! If anyone could explain in crazy detail how wibbles are done the help would be much appreciated!

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Posted:never heard of them before but after looking at the playpoi vid id recommend learning gunslingers and having good control over throws. the throw is a slight toss up in order to allow the poi to do an isolated spin, learning gunslinger should help control them (or transition in/out of them) easier. with clubs theres a trick/technique called 'tapping' where you hit the head of the club mid air so it spins back round, if you can juggle clubs then the timing for tapping looks similar to the timing for being able to continuously wibble.

hope that i(m right) helped grin

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