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The Flow Show 2014
Flow Arts Showcase Coming to Chicago

Save the Dates:
March 28th - 30th

We proudly announce that the Flow Show, a showcase of some of the country's best talent in the flow arts, will be coming to Chicago in 2014! Chicago is honored to be the third city selected for this intimate celebration of movement and community. As proved in other cities, this two night spectacle of object manipulation and technical dance composition is certain to leave a memorable impression on the Windy City.

Flow Show Chicago will take place at Studio 773, a recently renovated theatre with black box elegance of draped curtains and modern architecture. The venue is located one mile west of Lake Michigan and is conveniently nestled within unique dining and shopping experiences.

The Flow Show anticipates a delightful evening. Since it's birth in San Francisco, 2009, the Flow Show has been met with consistently sold out performances and rave reviews, providing audiences with inspiration and excitement for a growing art form.

Flow arts communities across the country, from San Francisco to Brooklyn, New York are teaming with creativity and talent, each with their own unique local flair. The Midwest, too, is home to a thriving community of object manipulation enthusiasts and performers. It is only natural that Flow Show Chicago 2014 is born. With only 150 seats available at Studio 773, Chicago anticipates a full house.

More Information !!

It's happening. Chicago has received a generous grant awarded from the non-profit organization, Fund The Flow Arts to host the first annual, Chicago Flow Show. While the grant is gracious, the event and it's future success is only made possible by your participation. If you know anyone willing to volunteer their time - we are looking for capable individuals to assist in a number of different roles. Let's work together to make this happen.

Interested in submitting your act for consideration to Flow Show Chicago 2014? Good! First, read the "About" section of this page for baseline information. Second, read the details below and verify you are able to commit to the performance parameters -- when finished, click the hyperlink to complete the application.

1) Make sure you / your group are available for the dates! You will be asked to remain in Chicago from Thursday March 27- after our last show on Sunday, March 30th.

2) Thursday, March 27, 2014 -- Tech Rehearsal -- attendance required.

3) Friday, March 28th - Sunday, March 30th SHOWTIME!

4) The entirety of the production will span approximately 2.5 hours. Your entry is one piece of the 2.5 hour puzzle.

5) Put your best foot forward and keep an open mind! Your submission will be critiqued by the Flow Show Chicago Organizers before acceptance. We want to see that your vision is expressed and communicated through your piece. Constructive feedback will be given. Expect alterations to be requested. Thank you for understanding the organizer's mission to present a cohesive show.

6) No fire.

7) You can submit more than one piece. You can be in more than one piece.

Your submission does not guarantee participation.

9) Payment is not guaranteed. A financial stipend will be offered post production. The amount of stipend per act is TBA. No travel stipends are awarded.

10) You will be performing on a stage with lighting and sound within a professional theater. You will be asked to submit your music well in advance of showtime.

11) Did we mention this is a non-profit? Yes! I think we did! All bases appear to be covered. Please do not hesitate to email flowshowchicago@gmail.com with your questions. We will happily assist.

Yours in Flow,

The Flowshow Team

You get all that?! Good! Here's the link to submit your application. APPLICATION DEADLINE IS MIDNIGHT AT DECEMBER 19TH.


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How goes it ?¿

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Hey Just a Heads up, tickets are on sale now for flow show - we have an amazing cast of people putting this show on , come out and check it!!