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  Posted: I've got a question you might be able to help with- I'm asking here because I got chewed out and freaked on over at Dubai Tripadvisor.
(Some of the regular posters there tend to get quite nasty at any sort of unusual question, assuming it's gotta be a troll. I've about had a guts-full of their attitude!)

I'm planning a trip to Dubai, and I'd love to do some Poi spinning during my downtime. I may also be able to get somebody to photograph me doing it at night- it would be especially cool with the Burj al Arab or the super-tall skyscrapers of the World's Tallest Block (Dubai Marina, not too far from The Palm) in the background.

I just wonder- is it legal, or will I run into problems? I read somewhere that dancing in public is illegal, and Poi would probably count. Where do Dubai Poi spinners practice if this is the case?

The tripadvisor crowd can't wrap their heads around why I would ever want to do this- they seem dumbfounded by the idea of doing anything that might draw any attention to oneself. Or of doing anything other than following typical "tourist" itineraries.

So should I avoid this idea like the plague, or is this something I can do, and hopefully have the cool pics to prove it afterwards?

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  Posted:I love spinning Poi (especially fire poi) in foreign countries. Its a good way to meet some locals.

BUT, I would not do it in Dubai if I were you. Even though Dubai is one of the more modernized countries in the Middle East, they will throw your ass in their crappy jail in a second if you break their laws or if one of the loyalty does not like you. Its still very backwards as far as society goes.


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  Posted:I'm living in Dubai. some peoples spinnig at "wild beaches" where you will not have any problems . but I tried to spin in open beach near Burj Al Arab and haven't any problems. maybe the police will give the penalty for you if catch, but you can spin at beach when the police have the dinner wink if you will be in Dubai-send pm for me, maybe we will meet and spin together.


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