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Seeing as we are living in a world where digital interaction if very common
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I was wondering what people use the web for in the form of: What other websites (top 3) do you all look at and use?peace outgarbo
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I read sluggy freelance online comic religiously every day. and if you start you do have to read the whole archive for it to make any sense at all
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Usually i use the web for researching, and looking up locations of comming up raves in the area. one website i like is www.ravepic.com just b/c they got a lot of cool links and the pics aren't that bad. lots of glowstix poi there if anyone cares!
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other than that, HOP obviously
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and the only other thing i use my computer for is listening and downloading music!
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------------------My World is a world of one, and in being one they Rave! My World is a Godly World and I am its master!

My World is a world of one, and in being one they Rave! My World is a Godly World and I am its master!

My new favorite website is https://www.nobodyhere.com/
I'm not going to explain it. Just go there!Diana

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I write a monthly article for Borderwalker.comI am on the production company roster for Wit-web.net, which is where I get aot of my bookings throughAnd I use faire.net/SCRIBE for all my faire info and contacts, since it starts off one of the best Ren web rings.I am very utilitarian when it comes to the net, mostly for research and stuff, not so much for fun. Then again, I am lucky I figured out how to use the damn computer!
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Higher, higher burning fire...making music like a choir
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I cant read the website Diana, but I clicked around a bit, and got to some page where you pluck some guys nose hair?!??!! and the hairs turn into words...classy
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I can see why you like this site, I'm guessing I'd like it more if I could read it..Josh

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communication is really all i use the net for, I try not to get to wrapped up in it. IM ICQ email and the HOP board are my major interests. I play a bunch of comp games, but that's not really net oriented unless its multiplayer. Its more of a tool than a pass time for me.N8

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Love that website, Diana. btw, Josh, there's an "English" link at the bottom of the opening page--I don't speak Dutch either.

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I use the web for a lot of things.I gain my income by prostetuting myself on shitty website work that I find completely unfulfilling.I gain pleasure by reading and accessing all sorts of weird and wonderful resources on the web..one of my favourites is memepool.comI reckon Google is my number one accessed website, but does that count?number three..hmmm....bueareu of Meterology (sp?) - I look up the weather reports on there...the rest are too varied...I dont really watch any websites except this one and mempool.I do the majority of my interpersonal communication via email, although ppl who meet me in real life would probly be surprised to know that.I think a better question for me would be, what do you do that *isnt* web-related?Josh

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I am the social and admin coordinator for my university union website, which is just about to launch... so i am basically glued to this computer seat (am in my 'office' right now=) all day... so, my most frequented websites are as well as my email account, which fills up seven times a day. extracurricular wise, i spend a lot of time surfing looking for anything i can learn about pois, twirling, fire etc. =P

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i look at 1 website for a while then move on... some of the funny ones arehttps://paul.merton.ox.ac.uk/ this is a little arcvive of things that are utterly mad or at least will make you chuckkleand https://official.darwinawards.com/these
are either increadibally offensive or funny... i often laugh
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