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Posted:So I will be coming to San Francisco for Halloween, and after doing some reading online, I am nervous as hell, pardon my french.
One, it seems that there's a real "Stay in your own neighborhood" theme, which has taken over. Which is fine if your're a local. Not so fine if you're a visitor unsure of where the action or fun is.
Also, I read an account of last year's official halloween party at AT&T park, and it sounded freaking LAME. Phalanxes of police officers in full riot gear standing around, barring entry to people carrying umbrellas and the like. I understand the need for security, but it sounds like they went into overkill. That and vendors selling things like flu shots and chiropractic treatments..Okay on their own, but kind of out of place at a halloween party!

I am planning to wear my Jedi costume this halloween- it's going to look pretty cool. Zabrek makeup job complete with horns and dreadlocks, black robes, a decent amount of custom leatherwork, and a glowing yellow lightsaber. The lightsaber is essentially a glorified LED flashlight in an ornate housing, with a detachable polycarb tube serving as a blade. No stabby bits or edges.
I was also hoping to have Magneto from X-Men 3, but I don't think it will be ready in time:(

So here's my questions- Any ideas where I can go for a good time, where they will actually let me in wearing that costume?
Am I going to get jumped on for checking out the various "neighborhood" parties, like "OMG, you're not from around here? GTFO!!" Just how serious is this "Halloween at home" meme?

And this may be the most serious- just how jumpy are the police around town? Are they fairly laid back about all the costumed oddballs, or ready to pounce?
Is a Jedi carrying a 3 foot long glow rod going to be okay, or am I likely to be jumped on for carrying a "weapon"?
I like to twirl and spin my sabers when I have the space to safely do it- NOT engaging in violent or reckless behavior, it's essentially the saber version of Poi spinning- just hit youtube for saber spinning tutorials to see what I mean. Am I going to be okay, or am I going to be in trouble?
And even if some cop doesn't like saber spinning, how jumpy are they? Likely to simply ask me to stop, or arrest first, ask questions later?
I know I am sounding paranoid, but after some of the stuff I have read online, I'm nervous. I want to have fun, but the LAST thing I need is to be in legal trouble, or meet with other grief.

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