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Hi I am currently setting up a new Polish club night in Bar Risa Southampton. It will be a busy event with lots of nice people (not just polish). The music will be varied ranging from chart to dance and the drinks are the cheapest in town!

Here is the site. Not allot on there yet though.


We have done events before with Poi and Fire Twirling and wondered if you guys local to us fancied coming along. You can have guest list and a bottle of champagne. maybe more, depends how may show? beerchug

If anyone is interested email me with your name and what you do (ie Poi etc) and i will put you on the list and VIP treatment.

Thanks Tobes

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Ummm sounds interesting, check out we could come down and perfrom shows for you as we have performers based around Southampton, although they are Tea total so would require payment.

Fully Insured, Risk Asessment, Costumes, High skill level, Multi props ;-)

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Will look in to it. LOOKS REALLY GOOD!

I have a dance company who do that but will bear you in mind.

Thanks very much.
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