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Posted: So I have fallen in love with this: I want to get one. It's totally interactive and it 'evolves'. You can get multiples of them (if you have the money!) and each one has it's own 'personality'. The AI just looks incredible. Anyway, the website will tell you more about it than I can.

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Posted:Awww i think i saw those on some latenight TV show. They do look really cute.

Quite realistic. If you pick them up by the tail they get cranky and screech at you.

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Posted:Haha sweeeet! I'd rather have an aibo, but for a tenth of the price that looks well fun grin

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Posted:How about skinning one and making a PLEO suit for an Aibo?

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Posted:i like your thinking charles smile

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Posted:Pleo ballon animal perhaps?

That'd be badass!

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