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I'm looking for the talented poi spinners and hoop dancers from Venice who were at the Santa Monica Pier beach Thursday night (last night) who were out on the sand working with the lit staff and the hoop. I lost your number in the sand and can't get in contact with you. I'm dying to see how your "timepiece" combination of hoop and the taiko drum sticks? You weren't using your normal staffs. I liked what you were doing trying to imitate the hands of the clock while within the spinning hoop.

Tori? Sebastian?

Help anyone?

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Posted:Hmmm I'm not sure who they were exactly but a lot of the hooper's from that area hang out on the hooping tribe on tribes.net.

Actually i think there may even be a tribe for Santa Monica hooper's

Here is a list of all of the regional hoop tribes, that may be a good place to start.

Good luck

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