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firstly, I've been 'poiing' for a while now and getting really in to it.

I've started using L.E.D. poi at night now, but am finding they're twisting and getting tangled up all the time.. and due to the dark of night it's a bugger getting them untangled.

so my question is.. are there any lines that i can use that behave like sock poi?? so that the lines can cross up but it;s very easy to keep the poi spinning and untangle them with out looking a Muppet.

also I've seen a few pictures of people with l.e.d.'s on their lines... where can i get a set of these??

thanks alot, lewis.

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if you find that sock poi are easy to untangle then why not use LED sock poi? You can find them on the site here in various colours.

Alternately, you could use ballchain lines - a bit expensive if you're only spinning LED's but if also using them for fire as well then no problem and they are usually easier to pull apart.

Not sure what you mean by the last question exactly, but there are LED poi balls available on this site (plus others of course). They're available by themselves and in various sets depending on your budget and preferences.

Good luck!

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cool, I'll just stick with sock poi when I'm out, only reason i asked is because i think l.e.d. poi look cooler on strings etc.

regarding my second question...

that picture shows someone with what looks like sets of l.e.d.'s actually on the lines of his poi??

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The beaded patterns look like the Flowtoys FlowPoi Duo. Specifically the Air flowlights.

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I have a set of LED poi, but they have the ball chains on them. They tangle a bit, but are very very easy to untangle.

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