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Posted:Well, I'm entirely new to poi other than the fact it exists, and catches my interest. I was thinking of purchasing a starter kit, but I was wondering, for a beginner what would be the best sort of materials as far as leash, strap, etc. goes? Is it all personal preference? Do you think it would be better if I made my own poi instead of buying a starter pair? Information would be helpful on where to begin. redface

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Posted:personally i'de say make you'r own, get em just right and have fun doing it.^_^

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Posted:Go to a meet and try lots of peoples poi.....

Starter kits are good for just that..starting, they give you an idea of whats out there. Not a bad thing at all.

Most people here use socks..

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Posted:I started out with a set of commet poi but I have since moved onto socks so that I can be more Techy.

Commets are probably the best place to start since the tails will help to stabilise your poi. The main draw back to them is that once you have mastered the basics you will need to get/make more poi (probably socks) so that you can progress into the more advanced areas of spinning.

Thats my oppinion but it is by no means gospel so I would recomend that you take Gnors advice and go to a meet so that you can try out other peoples equipment and find somthing that feels right for you.

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