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Want prepare first performance.

Without any experience of public appearance we want to find some ideas how to create simple but well looking tricks by using combinations of basic moves.

There are 3 men in the team.

After month of training my 2 friends know how to do:

simple and bth butterfly; 3 beat weave and turn; windmill; buzzsaw; basic turns.

After 3 month I also know: btb butterfly, 5b weave and waistwrap, fountain, and basics of flowers and underlegs.

May be someone could share experience or post a link to video that will help us to prepare little fireshow?

Thanks to all!!!

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Sasha_Ru Welcome to HoP
Try changing the name of your thread to something that gives an idea of what you need... eg .. preparing first show.

But to be honest, I think you should just start looking through all the videos in the video thread, and on places like YouTube or Juggling TV etc. COL dvd compilations etc. That will give you many many ideas.
Also read everything on HoP about safety, that is also extremely important.
Good luck

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There are many poi groups on youtube.


You'll find some decent videos on there.

My tips for choreography are to use the whole stage. That means don't all stand in one place for the entire performance, but move around.

Think about body movement. Don't just spin the tricks with poi, think about how you can move your body to make them look more interesting. (A good video to look at is one of my (and many people's) old favorites


And make sure you plan points in the routine where you can all catch up with each other. When spinning in front of an audience, its easy to get nervous, mess up a trick, get behind everyone else etc. When you're spinning in a group it is especially important to plan regular points in the routine which are fairly basic moves that people can 'catch up' with if they go wrong.

Good luck!

One last thing - have you thought about/got public liability insurance? If you're performing a public show, its something you need to get.
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Thanks Gabe!
Thanks Pricklyleaf!
It seems i have to start my search from Youtube!
And the sooner the better smile
so i begin ...

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