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Forums > Videos > First Fire-vid, please watch ;)

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Posted:Hey folks!
I posted a video here some months ago and i practiced a lot smile
The video i first posted was without fire and bad at all. I'm a little proud to present you my first video with fire(not my first time with fire wink
Its a little Performance but it wasn't planned at all. Please ignore what the guy at the beginning says, hes talking rubbish.


Just wanted to show you my style, and i hope i get some comments smile

PS: I'm playing for nearly one and a half year now



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Posted:That was cool. Not being a poi guy i cant really say from a technical POV but it looked clean and fluid, nice transistions, and that thing you do around 3:42 is really cool. Keep up the good work.


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Posted:I'm finally back, I can finally look at videos, and I can finally comment, so in hopes of helping people out, I'll write a bit about this and what I think.

For the most part, you have your moves technically down, they look amazing, you have the theory and the ideas down and for the most part you don't have to clean up your planes or anything like that, so good job on that.

The one thing that I would say that you could possibly do better is to simply try to make things smoother. It seemed too much like you were going to do move A, then move B, then move C, then move D, it didn't seem to just flow together as one comprehensive burn. My biggest piece of advice would simply be to try to work on making the transitions from one move to another a bit smother because then it will make your spinning flow a lot better and be even more impressive than what you already have for a year and a half of practice.

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Posted:I already commented on your video over at firesouls. wink
Still an enjoyable show. bounce


Posted:Thanks for the critics and all you recognition. For those who want, you could check out my Youtube Profile, look at my Signature



Posted:Ok, didnt work out wink
Here's the link:




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