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Posted:I ran across a topic a few months ago that I'm just getting around to exploring. I want to build poi heads by wrapping a large-diameter piece of something in Kevlar. Think of a sphere twice the size of a bowling ball wrapped in Kevlar and lit. I know someone has done this before...I've searched through HOP and can't find anything. Anyone have any ideas on what material I could use for the core?

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Posted:Dont use a solid core as it would be far too heavy to do anything with.

Simply use two hanging baskets wired together to make a sphere. They are available at any gardening store.

Then you can weave the kevar over and under the wire slats, and it wont be too heavy.



Posted:Thanks a lot, that's a huge help.
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Posted:trick concepts has a few different designs on that idea, if it helps:


The Poi Comets, Cannon Ball poi, and Paint can poi.

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Posted:Check my gallery. We call them Canonball poi (with one "n") Two salad bowls bolted and wired together, drill holes into the bowl to push the wire through for wicking and have at it. Granted my canonballs are the first generation and the comet poi are nice because they don't have any exposed metal and allow the air to blow through. Take it and make it better. smile

Good Luck and be carefull.

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