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organic_poiSILVER Member
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So my cousin just returned from her first vacation ever to the Dominican Republic for her 2 week wedding package at the Riu Palace. She was planning this for over a year, and saved up everything she could so she and her daughter could get the works. However, it turns out once she landed on Canadian soil, she almost cried in joy and never wants to travel again!

Her vacation wasn't too bad for the first 5 days or so. It started to go wrong when one day her mother in law walked back from the beach to get changed, and had a stroke in front of the hotel. Someone from the hotel found her and carried her to the lobby and left her on a couch. She wasn't quite conscious, and half her body was paralyzed. She sat there for an hour without any medical attention with hotel staff knowing she was there. My cousin eventually found her and had a fit. The hotel doctor came and looked at her, and insisted she was drunk and didn't need any assistance. My cousin yelled and said 'can't you see it's a stroke! She's paralyzed!' They eventually called an ambulance, and off they went to a hospital where gheckos hung off the ceiling-and waiting for 4 hours in a lobby.

The mother in law remained in the hospital for a week in the dominican, not well enough to travel, and then my family had to leave her their and return to Canada. Upon returning, my cousin had a horrible confrontation with the hotel manager.

She had made 12 toll free phone calls to her health insurance. Being told the toll free would not work at the hotel (but worked in pay phones in the dominican), a hotel worker told her to change the digits to 1 800 to 1 833 and she would be charged 2.00 for every call. Before she left she went to pay her 24 dollars, when the manager said no, it wasn't 24, it was 500!

Totally confused and baffled, she questioned why. They told her the hotel worker should not have instructed her to change the digits-and they would either fire him, or she would have to pay. Then the one manager left and told her to take it up with the head of this hotel.

The head of the hotel then said they would not be able to leave the country until they paid the 500.$. He told the bus that had all their lugagge to leave without them to the airport. Even though the hotel had paper work that had the one worker's signature on it with 24.00$ written, they said it did not matter. They were intimidated by the head of the motel because he appeared so dictator-like, and he screamed at them to pay. My cousin's new husband then said, 'okay, we'll pay, but we want that paperwork for when we leave.' Agreed upon, he paid 500$ for the phone calls, to which the head stepped back and tore up the paperwork in front of him and said, 'Now go back to America!!' and smirked.

Anyway-my family is actually Canadian and Scottish-but it shows you how much they like Americans. He bouted off a few times about stupid Americans. No one at the hotel ever asked how the mother in law was doing-but they all knew how sick she was in the hospital. She was not an older lady, but only 58 years old.

The entire story sickened me when I heard it. It made me feel helpless, knowing how helpless they must have felt. I thought I should share what had happened, so people know what it's really like at this resort.

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That's horrible! I hope the mother in law's ok. hug
That place should be closed down.

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Mein Feir!!!! we must do something, everyone grab your kerosene and colemans, where should we meet General?

But really that sucks, sorry to here about that, how is the motherin law doing?


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organic_poiSILVER Member
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She's a bit better now-able to walk and her eye is better, although her licence will probably be revoked. Thanks!

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Ive never trusted an old lady with a gun. No offence, but I hope her firearm licence is revoked wink

On a serious note, what happened to them really is rubbish. I genuinely hope she gets back to full health. I'd also consider launching an official complaint with the hotel and getting some compensation back.